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There’s no denying that trees add tremendous beauty to a yard; however, their stumps are a totally different story. They can be a real eye-sore, they’re dangerous, and they can attract pests, too!

Whether a tree falls down in your yard as a result of a storm or you cut a tree down yourself, you don’t want to leave the stump behind. But how do you remove the stump? You could try to dig it out, but that could end up taking you forever, and depending on the intricacy of the root system, pulling the stump out of the ground may be completely impossible. So what can you do to get rid of that stump? – You can call Green Light Tree Service!

A fully licensed and insured tree service company, Green Light Tree Service specializes in stump removal. We have successfully and safely removed stumps from various types of trees for homeowners and business owners throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties. We use the highest quality stump grinding tools and take all the necessary precautions in order to ensure your tree stumps are completely ground and level. We also grind surface roots, making sure that no remnants of the tree are left behind. And unlike other tree service companies on Long Island, we will take the time to clean up all sawdust and debris once the stump is gone. When Green Light Tree Service grinds your stumps, we’ll leave absolutely nothing behind!

Why is Tree Stump Grinding Important?


A trunk is one of the most important elements of a tree. Nutrients from the roots travel through the trunk and are delivered to the branches and leaves. The trunk also serves as the structural support system of a tree.

Yes, a trunk is certainly a vital component of a tree. When the tree is no longer there, a portion of the trunk remains. That portion is the lowermost part of the trunk that sticks out of the ground or the stump.

Not only are stumps completely unnecessary, but they can be unattractive and a serious hazard. That’s why you should have the stump ground!

Not sure if stump grinding is something you really need? Here’s a look at some pretty good reasons why you absolutely need that stump ground:

  • They’re unsafe. A tree stump can put anyone who walks on your property in serious danger. They can be tripped over, which can cause head injuries, chipped teeth, black eyes, sprains, broken bones, and more! Not only are they a safety hazard, but tree stumps can also be a liability. Should someone visiting your property trip over the stump and sustain an injury, you could be held liable for any medical costs. Tree stumps can also damage your lawnmower or a landscaping company’s mower. If the stump is rolled over with this piece of equipment, the blade and various other components of the machine can be damaged.
  • They’re unattractive. A tree stump can stick out like a sore thumb and really bring down the aesthetics of your landscaping. You put so much effort into maintaining your yard. Why hinder its appearance with an unattractive tree stump?
  • They attract pests. Decaying tree stumps may not be attractive to humans, but they can certainly be attractive to pests, particularly wood-boring insects. Termites, beetles, wasps, and carpenter ants are just some of the pests that can take up residence in a tree stump. Eventually, they can overtake your entire property and do serious damage to various structures, including your home!
  • They spark new tree growth. While you might want to replace the tree that once stood where a stump now sits, you definitely don’t want it to start growing out of the stump itself! Sprouts can emerge from the stump, resulting in several small trees. Typically, these trees are unsightly and unhealthy. They can also be difficult and expensive to remove.

Essentially, a tree stump offers absolutely no value to your property. You can avoid the problems that stumps cause by grinding it down! Green Light Tree Service can efficiently grind stumps of all shapes and sizes. We offer affordable, reliable services, and we get the job done quickly and safely.

Improve the look and the safety of your yard! Contact us today to find out more about our stump grinding services, or to receive a free price quote! We look forward to working with you!

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