6 Reasons to Prune Your Trees

Green Light Tree Services is dedicated to providing outstanding tree care across Long Island. Their team of experienced and professional arborists delivers high-quality services for Long Island homeowners and business owners. Their integrity, dedication, and commitment to their clients and the environment make them the most trusted tree professionals in the area.

Green Light Tree Service specializes in all things related to trees, including trimming. Unfortunately, other than watering and cleaning up fallen leaves, people don’t put very much effort into maintaining their trees. That’s usually because they assume that trees are pretty resilient and self-sufficient, and as such, they don’t require a lot of care. However, if you want to improve the beauty of your trees and ensure you can enjoy them to the fullest, you do need to give them some TLC.

Pruning is not only one of the easiest ways you can maintain your trees, but it’s one of the best things you can do for them. Here’s a look at some of the reasons why regular pruning is a must.

Improved Health

When properly cared for, trees can live for hundreds (you read that right) of years! Regular pruning can help to ensure your arboreal friends will live a long, healthy life.

If left to grow naturally, branches can grow awkwardly, which can impact the growth of new branches. Additionally, dead branches, can affect the distribution of vital nutrients to the healthy parts of the tree, which can impede the overall health of the plant. If you have fruit trees, pruning can promote the growth of new blossoms and allow the tree to yield more fruit.

The process of pruning removes any dead and renegade branches, thereby improving the health of the tree and improving its lifespan.

Enhanced Beauty

Pruning can do a world of good for the aesthetic appeal of your trees, as well as your home’s curb appeal. Overgrown, dead, and dying branches can detract from the beauty of the plant. Pruning eliminates dead and dying branches, which not only improves the look of the tree, but also improves its health. Moreover, when overgrown branches are trimmed, the tree will have a more uniform appearance, which will dramatically improve the look of the structure and your property.

Pruning does for trees what a trim does for your hair; it makes it healthier and more beautiful.

Prevent Tree Damage

Believe it or not, when trees grow haphazardly, they can actually damage themselves. For instance, if the canopy becomes too dense, there’s less exposure to sunlight and air, which can impede growth and increase the risk of disease. Overgrown branches can rub against one another, as well as the trunk of the tree, which can damage the entire structure.

By removing overgrown branches, a tree will receive more air and sunlight; elements that are crucial for healthy tree growth. Pruning also helps to prevent branches from rubbing into one another and the trunk, thereby preventing damage to the plant.

Improved Safety

When a tree is left to grow wildly, it becomes more than just unsightly; it becomes a serious hazard. Dead and damaged branches are structurally unsound and can fall without warning, which could result in serious personal and property damage. If branches are growing too close to your home, they can do damage to the roof, siding, or windows. If they’re growing over power lines, they could knock out power or start a fire.

An overgrown tree is a liability. Pruning can reduce the risks so that you can enjoy your trees without having to worry that they will cause harm.

A Clearer View

Overgrown trees in front of your house and windows can affect your view. For instance, the front of your house may not be as visible from the street, or you may not be able to see the view outside of your windows.

Though tree branches are generally beautiful to look at, it might be nice to see your house and the views beyond the trees, too. By pruning your trees, you can not only enjoy the view that they offer, but other views that can be seen from your property, as well.

Increased Security

Lastly, another benefit of pruning your trees is the increased security it provides. When the branches are overgrown, unwanted visitors and intruders can easily hide behind them. When the overgrown branches are removed, you’ll be able to see who is approaching your property, which can certainly increase the security of your home and provide added peace of mind.

You already enjoy the trees on your property, and with regular pruning, you will be able to enjoy them even more. For professional and affordable pruning, contact the experts at Green Light Tree Services today!